Modicare Products: What You Should Know in 2021

Modicare products are a household name in the Indian market. Back in 1996, Modicare started its journey as only a seven products company. Founded by Samir Modi, the brand now owns over 100+ products. Now the brand is a pan India name. In reality, Modicare operates in 2700 cities with 1 lac active consultants currently.

Modicare has opted for direct selling as the method. In 2020, Modicare became a name in the top 5 direct selling companies in India.

Why Modicare products are excellent:

Before making any purchase from the brand, you might have lots of doubts in your mind. But it’s OK to have them. Trusting a brand with your health and skin is a big deal. But I want to assure you completely. Yes! Modicare products are excellent.

Some Modi care products are available in various e-commerce portals. You can have a close look at the genuine reviews from the public on those online marketplaces. In particular, people love the honesty of the brand in making the products. Modicare significantly uses many organic materials to craft its products.

Also, Modicare has a diverse team of experienced people. In reality, their products go through repeated experiments and tests. Only after that, people get to have those products in hand.

Also, they carefully exclude toxic chemicals in building healthcare & skincare products. Sometimes, the price seems high as a non-luxurious brand. However, it is all worth your hard-earned pennies.

Also, Modicare only uses a limited quantity of chemicals in its cosmetics. Although, chemical-free cosmetics are a myth. But the said brand is extra careful with its people & their skin. So it is safe to say that you can trust the brand.

Modicare brands & products:

The Modicare research and development team is continuously working hard in making top-quality products. Although, Modicare is a network marketing chain. Based on a direct selling business plan, Modicare has invested a lot of money to build up its distributor network.

But the brand has devoted its soul and blood to provide the best quality product. You can see the wide range of the product list from Modicare house.

Modicare produces different types of products. Like personal care, skincare, baby care, cosmetics, healthcare products, and grocery items too are on the list. Moreover, they have distinct labels producing women’s & men’s products.

Let’s have a look at the diverse range of Modicare products.

Soul Flavours

Soul flavours modicare products

Soul Flavours is an innovative food and beverage products chain under Modi care Enterprise. To serve fresh grocery items to the consumer, Soul Flavours has lots of food and beverage products under its name. Soul Flavours products have natural goodness and nutrition elements intact. Therefore these products keep winning consumer hearts in the long run.

From spices to cooking oil, Soul Flavours has put some brains in producing these healthiest food ingredients. The notable mention of the sweetness of honey, exotic amla flavour candy, and Shahi pan mouth freshener should be on the top of the revolutionary Modicare products list.

Our picks

  • Soul Flavours Active Rice Bran Oil Pouch
  • Soul Flavours Penne Rigate (Pasta)
  • Soul Flavours Cow Ghee
  • Soul Flavours Pure Honey
  • Soul Flavours Shahi Pan
  • Soul Flavours Garam Masala
  • Soul Flavours All Natural Stevia Powder

Urban Color

Urban Color Modicare Products

Urban Color is one of the best India-made cosmetic brands. Despite this, urban color has always been on-trend. To deliver world-class quality in an India-made brand, Urban Color has successfully pulled off the tag. To meet the international standard, Modicare has used foreign science for developing the brand and its products.

Some of the best beauty products in a mid-range budget come from this brand. Lipsticks, foundations, primer, cleanser, makeup remover, and lots more are present under the label of urban color.

Our picks

  • Go Glow 3 in 1 Cleanser, Makeup Remover & Hydrator
  • Age Redefining Collagen Boosting Serum
  • Age Redefining Night Cream
  • UC Expert Firm & Lift Foundation
  • Urban Color Cream Glam Lipstick


Wellness Modicare Products

Modicare Wellness products are suitable for health. Not only are their products are excellent in quality but also they are easily digestible. Furthermore, these products have no side effects. Consumers have loved these products for their safe use. Their nutrition supplements and health juices are some of the best products.

Our Well Product picks

  • Noni Juice Concentrate
  • Amla Juice
  • Aloe Vera Juice
  • Calcium Complex
  • Multivitamin
  • Amrit Shakti
  • Cardio Active
  • Spirulina
  • Glucosamine
  • Flax Oil
  • Garlic Pearls
  • Shilajit

Baby Products

Baby Modicare Products information

Babies are delicate. Similarly, baby products from Modicare also are very soft & harmless. Modicare Ltd. shows the care for babies and their health in crafting their products. Baby products are chemical-free and highly nourishing.

Our picks

  • Baby Spa Nourishing Soap
  • Baby Spa Moisturizing Lotion
  • Kids 3 in 1 Hand Wash
  • Baby Spa Massage Oil
  • Baby Spa Milk Cream
  • Baby Spa Diaper Rash Cream
  • Baby Spa 2 in 1 Bubble Bath & Wash
  • Baby Spa Talcum Powder
  • Baby Spa No Tear Shampoo
  • Baby Spa Soft Cleansing Wipes


Skincare Modicare Products

Fruit of the Earth is a brand that has carefully extracted earth goodness and curated its products. You get a range of different types of products from it. Pure ingredients provide the taste and nutrition value to the skin & health.

Our picks

  • Fruit of the Earth Power Green Tea
  • Fruit of the Earth 100% Pure Instant Coffee
  • Coconut Oil
  • Pure Honey
  • Quinoa
  • Stevia Powder

SM Watches

Samir Modi has personally designed this exclusive, luxurious watch brand. It has a significant range of watch collections. Nevertheless, men & ladies’ watch collections are also attractive. You can have the best pair of couples watch here.

Other ventures

The list of brands & products is very long. Over 25 years, Modicare has launched many successful products in the market. Velocity men grooming products are on the top of the list. Similarly, Amoli has also marked her presence as a jewelry brand under the same label.

Our picks

  • Velocity Men Smooth Shave Gel
  • Velocity Men Oil Clear Face Wash
  • Fresh Moments Gel Toothpaste
  • Sofwash White Pearl Soap
  • Washmate Detergent Bar


So, in this article, I summarize the revolutionary brand Modicare and its products. It is such a wonderful thing that an Indian venture, making it big in the market. Choosing Modicare products is also helping in India’s economy. Finally, we hope you can get your favorite product from the brand and fall in love with it.

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